Let's Gather Together

Scripture gives multiple 'one another' commands. We are to encourage one another, build one another up, counsel one another, comfort one another, admonish one another, bear one another's burdens, and love one another. This cannot happen fully if the church is not gathered together.

For reasons that were understandable, our governing authorities required us to not gather together. 

We believe the time to gather back together is coming soon. Depending on guidelines that will be released on Monday May 25, 2020, Church on the Hill will determine if opening on Sunday, May 31, 2020, is feasible.

We desire to gather together according to local, state, and federal guidelines. Beyond and above this, we want to do our part in keeping one another healthy.


We encourage you to join us in worship according to the guidelines below.


Sensitive Groups

If you are in a sensitive group that is older or immune comprised we will still be offering the live stream. See here for details on the live stream. 


The county of San Bernardino does not require facemasks in public. If you prefer to wear a facemask, we encourage you to do so. Please provide your own, as we are having difficulty acquiring enough to hand out.

Hand Sanitizers / Hand Washing

Multiple sanitizing locations will be available at entry points. We encourage you to use these on your way in and on your way out. Bathrooms will be open for use. Please be aware that our bathrooms are small and not conducive to social distancing. Be respectful. Additional single-person bathrooms are available in the nursery. 


To provide the safest worship environment possible, we will continue to practice social distancing. This requires that we reduce the seating capacity and separate chairs. Family groups can sit together but we ask that you help us maintain a 6-foot distance between family units. 

We will be providing overflow areas for additional seating. The cry room, as you enter the main hall, is available. The dining hall will also be repurposed for worship service seating. The same social distancing guidelines will apply to all areas. 

Since we will not be providing nursery or children's ministry just yet, we require that children attending the worship service remain with their parent or guardian at all times. 


In the beginning phase of reopening the church, we will not be able to offer the following services:

  • Breakfast

  • Coffee or beverage service

  • Nursery

  • Children's Ministry

During the worship service we will not:

  • Pass offering

  • Do our normal Meet and Greet

  • Hand out flyers or bulletins

These items and services will return when it is appropriate. 


The church has been thoroughly cleaned for services beginning May 31, 2020. A detailed cleaning will occur before each service. An additional cleaning / disinfecting of high touch surfaces will occur just before the arrival of guests for service. 


Church on the Hill exists to shine Jesus to a fallen world. We are Bible believing, Christ centered and people serving. We would love to have you learn, worship and serve with us. 


© 2020 by COTHJT.